Your doctor is your partner in health care and he or she should be the first person you consult if you are interested in discussing medical cannabis as a potential treatment for your condition.

Speaking With Your Doctor

So what is the best method for starting this conversation with your doctor? Here are some tips on how to discuss medical cannabis as a therapeutic option:

Be frank and upfront with your doctor. If you are concerned about the multitude of negative side effects often associated with prescription pharmaceutical medications, express that concern openly and ask if using medical cannabis might be a viable alternative that harbours fewer unwanted side effects.
Tell your doctor exactly how you feel and why you feel this is an important medical treatment option for you to explore. In fact, if you have tried using cannabis to alleviate your symptoms in the past and you feel it was effective or successful, be sure to inform your health care provider.
Review all the information provided on our website. It may help you understand how and why using medical cannabis could help improve your condition.
Once the appointment has been made with your doctor, be prepared to have an informed discussion about the use of medical cannabis. Look for any legitimate, peer reviewed, supporting scientific studies on medical cannabis and your illness and bring them with you, either in printed or electronic form. You may also want to consider checking the websites for the Canadian Consortium for the Investigation of Cannabinoids and the Canadian Medical Cannabis Council as they can also provide useful information.