Change perceptions with innovative
health and wellness alternatives

Pioneer exclusive genetics in our state-of-the-art
controlled-environment agricultural facility

Attain global recognition as the premier producer of
pharmaceutically viable controlled-environment cannabis

Prove our contributions have the focus and consistency
required to set new standards of excellence in the industry

To be sought after for breakthrough product development
and genetic breeding selections that yield highly refined,
in-demand products

Amend perspectives surrounding medicinal cannabis by
providing the most comprehensive educational resources

Build upon personalized patient experiences to
consistently deliver on specific wellness needs


One of the greatest challenges cultivating medical cannabis is maintaining a standardized product from one harvest to the next. Atlas Growers biggest advantage is operating in a controlled environment agricultural facility, where our industry professionals can replicate growing conditions on a consistent basis.


Our state-of-the-art controlled environment agricultural facility and integrated genetic breeding laboratory are capable of producing the highest grade and most unique pharmaceutical cannabis in the world. The Atlas Growers facility will produce over 30 strains of cannabis, as well as a range of premium cannabis derived products.


We’ve assembled an elite team of PhD researchers and agricultural experts to cultivate medical cannabis products. Our specialists have decades of experience in biotechnology, plant and soil chemistry, plant pathology, and cannabis cultivation. Most importantly, we have a distinctly forward-thinking attitude when it comes to cannabis cultivation and research.

Sheldon Croome

President & CEO

Sheldon has a successful track record of launching businesses and leading teams in a start-up environment. Before founding Atlas, Sheldon built and operated two international businesses, gaining diverse experience in import, export, marketing, regulation, and negotiation with government-controlled industries. Sheldon has been featured in news articles, radio interviews, and on the Canadian TV series Dragon's Den.

Clint Weir

Chief Development Officer

Clint is a co-founder of Atlas and has experience in building and managing operations in oilfield and construction industries. Clint was previously VP of the Energy Services Projects Division of a major oilfield construction firm, where he oversaw 275 employees, generated over $145M in annual revenue, and oversaw a range of projects.

Jeffrey R. Gossain

Chief Operating Officer

Jeffrey is a founding director of Atlas. As a Professional Engineer, his previous work includes developing engineering programs, managing financial assets in excess of $300M, and developing and managing mobile applications. Within Atlas, Jeffrey is responsible for managing its rapid growth through the pursuit of strategic and business development opportunities.

Jim Hole

Vice President Cultivation

Known as Alberta’s most articulate horticulturist, Jim is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about plants, business, and the environment. He has over 35 years of mass indoor cultivation experience and his family currently owns and operates a 250,000 square ft. greenhouse in Alberta. Jim’s experience aided significantly in the design and construction of the Atlas Phase 1 Facility.

Peter Elzinga, ICD.D,


Peter holds an ICD.D designation. In his lengthy political career, Peter has served as Deputy Premier of Alberta, Executive Director of the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta, and MLA for Sherwood Park. Peter also held several cabinet positions, including Minister of Agriculture. He also served for twelve years in the Parliament of Canada.

Elan MacDonald, ICD.D,


Elan obtained her ICD.D designation in 2017. She built and ran a public affairs firm, Impact Consulting, which was recently acquired by Global Public Affairs, where she is currently Senior Vice President of National Business Development. Elan is also a Director on the board of Edmonton Global and a Director with the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce.

Cale Alacer, P. Eng

Founding Director

Cale has been integral in helping to build Atlas since its inception in 2015. As a strategy and operations consultant with EY, and with several years of engineering and management consulting experience under his belt, Cale excels in business administration, process development and improvement, performance measurement, change management, stakeholder engagement, and strategy development.

Richard M. Missens


Richard is a member of the Pasqua First Nation and is currently the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the PFN Group of Companies. He was a senior faculty member with the School of Business and Public Administration at the First Nations University of Canada. He continues to be active in promoting enabling environments within Indigenous communities that foster sustainable entrepreneurship.


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