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Invest in the Future of Canadian Cannabis

Currently, the cannabis market in Canada is growing exponentially and is expected to reach the $2.5 billion mark as early as 2020.*  After legalization for recreational use takes place, it is predicted to rapidly expand to more than $22 billion with even greater potential ahead.

Although widely used now as a treatment for medical conditions — obtained through licensed producers by prescription from a health professional — cannabis is poised for legalization for recreational use through legislation to be passed by the Federal Liberal Party.

The current Canadian marketplace now presents a variety of ground-floor opportunities for savvy investors. How big is the opportunity for investing right now? Consider the size of the current marketplace coupled with the potential ancillary markets that legalization would open wide and the possibilities are endless.

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Why Invest With Atlas Growers?

Atlas Growers is particularly well suited to capitalize on the rapid growth of the cannabis market as this time. Atlas is considered to be one of the top prospective medical cannabis growers in Canada with a hand picked team that has a history of producing standardized agricultural products with very consistent quality. Atlas focuses on strict quality control using advanced agricultural practices to provide the consistent products that in turn provide strong and predictable, year over year revenue performance. With a total potential grow space of 3,100,000 square feet, Atlas Growers is ready and poised to grow rapidly as the Canadian and global cannabis marketplace develops.

According to the Deloitte study, the sales of recreational cannabis alone could be worth as much as $5 to $8.7 billion per year to start, but when you factor in ancillaries such as growers, infused product makers, testing labs, and transportation, this figure jumps to a potential of up to $22.6 billion market value.  Another upside is predicted when factoring in paraphernalia, expected tourist revenue, edibles, spa and wellness, and you begin to see the significant opportunities available to any investor.

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Building the Future

A recent 2016 Deloitte study entitled: Recreational Marijuana Insights and Opportunities, concluded that 22% of the current Canadian adult population consumes recreational cannabis occasionally, with a full 7% consuming daily, and these percentages do not include the population who use it for medical purposes.

Furthermore, the study states that another 17% show willingness to try it once legalization has occurred. The study’s numbers suggest that the total Canadian marketplace is almost 40% of the adult population — a staggering percentage. To put that number further in context, compare it to the 80% figure reported by Statistics Canada for alcohol consumption within the past twelve months.

To offer another comparison, once the state of Colorado, a state with a population of about 5.5 million people, legalized cannabis, sales in 2015 amounted to $2.39 billion. In fact, the cannabis industry was the fastest-growing business sector in Colorado that same year, providing more than 18,000 primary as well as secondary full-time jobs.**