EDMONTON, Alberta, Oct. 30, 2017 – Atlas Growers ™ surveyed Canadians nationwide about their use of cannabis. This survey has gathered valuable data on key demographics, preference, and usage information of Canadian cannabis patients. Data collected by Atlas Growers ™ will help shape the future of Canadian cannabis by giving the company, and all of Canada, a greater understanding of how the average Canadian user of cannabis wants to consume their medical marijuana along with many other pieces of industry information.

Atlas Growers ™ provided survey to a vast variety of people from all demographics across Canada. Having gained thousands of responses, the data set gathered, contains a large amount of usable statistics that will shape the way that Atlas Growers ™ and the Canadian cannabis industry will market and operate into 2018 and post recreational legalization. The statistics collected rang from basic information such as sex, age and province to more in-depth data that details how users would, and do, consume cannabis. With Canadians growing more accustomed to the idea of legal cannabis this data will also help shape how Atlas Growers ™ and likely other licensed cannabis producers, will market towards the Canadian public at large.

Collecting such a large data set has given Atlas Growers ™ a unique position within the Cannabis market. The important details collected from this comprehensive survey have given Atlas Growers ™ the ability to more effectively plan how to target their key user base and grow relationships within those key users. It also provides insight on how to expand it’s consumer base by highlighting what is important to a great variety of Canadian cannabis users.  This puts Atlas Growers ™ in a prime position to provide their products to a larger percentage of the Canadian population.

As Atlas Growers ™ moves toward obtaining their ACMPR license, the data gathered in this survey will assist the company in becoming a key player in the rapidly growing Canadian cannabis market. With legalization less than one year away, the competition for customers will be ever growing. The data from this survey will position Atlas Growers ™ at the forefront of the cannabis market.

To obtain more information about Atlas Growers, visit https://atlasgrowers.com/.  To obtain a copy of the survey results contact media@atlasgrowers.com for more information.

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