Atlas Growers is celebrating the launch of its website along with Canada’s 150th anniversary.  We are proud to be starting out journey with Canada on the day of its 150th year.

Look below to see how Canada is celebrating the 150th year of our amazing country. From celebrations to explorations, join all of Canada in celebrating this special occasion.

Celebrate All Over Canada

July 1st is the final day of Canada’s Celebrate Canada event.  This celebration of Canadian culture and history began  on June 21 with National Aboriginal Day, continued with Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day (June 24) and Canadian Multiculturalism Day (June 27), and comes to a spectacular finish on Canada Day (July 1).  Find out what celebrations are happening today in your area!

How To Participate

Since the beginning of the year, Canada 150 activities have been in full swing across Canada. This year is filled with activities designed to focus on youth; celebrate our diversity and encourage inclusion; establish a spirit of reconciliation with Indigenous peoples; and discover Canada’s natural beauty and strengthen our environmental awareness. Participate in the activities happening near you!

Participate Now!

Come out and Celebrate

This year, the Celebrate Canada festivities will be bigger than ever! They will highlight the evolution of our country from its Indigenous origins (with National Aboriginal Day); the contact with the French (with Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day); through to more recent immigrations that have led to the development of a diverse and inclusive society (with Canadian Multiculturalism Day). These major celebrations will culminate with celebrating Canada Day.

Celebrate Canada Today!

150 years of history every day of 2017

Discover Canadian history from Confederation to today with the Library and Archives Canada (LAC) heritage collection. All through 2017 explore Canada’s rich heritage and history by exploring the today-in history vignettes.

Visit to read the stories.

Explore our Country

Explore our country’s history, multicultural heritage and diversity. Discover the activities taking place in Canada’s national museums and parks, heritage spaces and historic sites or enjoy the great outdoors, there is something waiting for you!

Discover Canada

Passport 2017

Get the scoop on everything that’s going on! Find out about Canada 150 events and activities that matter to you with the Passport 2017 App.

This personalized application combines culture, food, history, sports and travel while awarding virtual badges. Passport 2017 is an excellent resource for discovering, experiencing and celebrating our beautiful country throughout 2017.

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