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Who We Are

“Life is short. Forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably, and never regret anything that made you smile,” advised Mark Twain; We couldn’t agree more.

Atlas is a Canadian company that wants to improve people’s lives. We anticipate a day when everyone is free to make informed choices about their health and lifestyle. Our strength lies in creating and offering specialized natural health products to both the Canadian and International legal cannabis markets. We strive to be the most-trusted, highest-quality cannabis provider both locally and worldwide.

Why Medical Cannabis?

Over 20 years ago, medical researchers made an astounding discovery: There is a part of the human brain that responds to the chemicals contained in cannabis. The scientists named it the endocannabinoid system.

They perceived that endocannabinoid system actually plays a role in the body’s many functions, including the heart, the digestive, the endocrine, the immune, as well as the nervous systems. This discovery generated tremendous interest and scientists around the world have undertaken or are pursuing numerous medical studies to see how these chemicals can help patients who have a variety of conditions that affect these body systems.

Thanks to the results of this medical research, family practitioners across Canada can now prescribe cannabis use for therapeutic applications.

One of Atlas Growers’ priorities is to facilitate further scientific research on medical cannabis through strategic partnerships with local agricultural professionals as well as Canadian universities.  The goal of this research is to provide clinical, reliable data to Canadians and the world as this new market evolves. By doing so,  Atlas offers opportunities for healing and hope. We want to help keep our neighbours healthy and our community growing.

What Do We Believe?

Atlas Growers wants everyone to be able to enjoy their families, careers, and life’s adventures pain free. Canadians should be able to rise every morning, to feel great about their lives, and to make every moment special. Atlas Growers cares about your health, and our caring mentality makes us unique and sets us apart from other cannabis providers.

Atlas believes in a world where people have access to both the medicine they need as well as the freedom to enjoy cannabis in a safe way recreationally.  We believe that Canadians should be informed and kept abreast of the latest research and information on medical cannabis, as well as the legal status for recreational use.

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Our Expertise

We pride ourselves on having the best agricultural knowledge in Canada. Our growers are not black market basement growers, but instead professional agriculturalists holding the highest level of knowledge and experience available in Canada. At Atlas, we believe that standardized, consistent product quality is key to patient satisfaction. In order to achieve this, we are focused on strict quality control and industry leading agricultural practices that will provide consistent, and premium final products.  By using only natural ingredients and sophisticated processes, we can ensure safety and the highest quality for our customers. Atlas Growers is committed to environmental responsibility from the time a seed is planted to the time it arrives on our customers’ doorstep.

Our Commitment to Your Privacy

At Atlas Growers, privacy is paramount. We are committed to protecting the privacy of those who visit our website, make inquiries, and order our products—whether you are a patient, medical professional, or other customer, your personal information is guardedly protected.